> How is your parcel processed after you’ve made your payment from our website?
(This shipping method is for international shipping only)
Step 1: After you’ve made your payment, we will process your order within 1-3 days, you will be notify that your order is now “In Process”
Step 2: After that within 2-5 days, you will be notify that your order is processed, which means that we are now preparing your order to be ship. 
Step 3: Once your order is shipped, please wait for another 1-3 days for us to update the tracking information. 
Step 4: The express agency will deal with your parcel after they received it. It takes about 3 days for the express agency to get your parcel.
Step 5: After the express agency received your parcel, it will be dispatched out to the International Service Center and undergo a security screening process and after that your parcel is now ready to board an airplane to your destination country which takes about 3-5 days.
Step 6: After your parcel arrived at your destination, it will be presented to Customs for inspection. Once it’s released by the customs, your parcel will be sending to your local post office for delivery, usually takes about 5-20 days.

When your parcel had already arrived at your destination country, it will be processed by your local postal service of your country. For example, if it’s in the US, it will be processed by USPS, UK by Royal Mail, Canada by Canada Post, Australia by Australia Post and etc.

We will notify you via email as we will be updating your order status on PayPal. For those who had already filled in your phone number upon payment, our customer’s service team also will be contacting you through WhatsApp/ iMessage if available. Please do not hesitate to leave us a message if you have any questions regarding to our website because our friendly customer’s service team are always there to assist you.